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Photocatalyst is the technology that makes use of light to oxidatively degrade pollution substance in the air and water. Thanks to distinctive features of titanium dioxide photocatalyst including high activity and stability, various commercial products with photocatalytic function such as deodorizing, air purification, water treatment and antibacterial have been being developed one after another.
Those conventional products, however, have weakness that the binder applied on the surface that oxide titanium powder is kneaded into have a tendency to be destroyed by ultraviolet or unstuck.
Furthermore, most of titanium oxide powder is buried in the binder, and therefore photocatalyst is not well functioned.
We succeeded the development of titanium material that have well-functioning and long-life photocatalytic on the surface by special treatment through research and development efforts with industry-government-academia cooperation.

Production method for anatase titanium oxide film by anodic oxidation treatment

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